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Ngo for widows–Women Empowerment and Safety Guaranteed


Estimates show that India is one of the worst countries with highest windows population. Most of them are abandoned and lack social protection. The Charitable Trust for Widows in Noida plays a critical role in ensuring financial security and welfare infrastructure for many needy women. In many sad cases widow survivors get abused and lack support on legal aid, counselling, treatment, and backing to reconstruct their lives. The NGO take utmost care and have well established programmes depending on age to uplift the windows women. Following are few highlights -
- Young women who just lost their partners are given counselling to move on with their life, and employment generation opportunity is created.
- Older age windows women who don’t have support of family are the most vulnerable. They need basic necessitates for reasons like living and eating. Donate food support for widows in Noida and these women will be taken care by the NGO.
- In some cases, the old windows women are not strong in health and are being affected by illness. Donate Medical Support for Widows in Noida and help them with resources such as medical care, sanitation and aids.
If you have the heart to contribute, please do it with online donation for window women in Ghaziabad or Noida. There are plenty of women who needs help to stand for their rights and get access to basic amenities. The non-profits are hostile to remain focused to help people as they are not getting the necessary support and donations. Help them with their determinations and commitments with your small donation.