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Ngo for education–ensuring right to education for all


The most powerful weapon in the world is education. A good education to a young child can definitely change the future world to be clean and peaceful. Best NGO in Noida
offers all that is required to ensure the kids receive a formal education to bring them out of poverty in the future. The power of best NGO for children in Noida in promoting education at the grass root is a great service to the nation. The NGO works at the grass root level to strengthen and spread awareness to enrol children to mainstream schools. In some cases, the NGO also have Residential School for children who are mentally and physically challenged. Utmost care is taken towards taking care of the safety of these kids.
Generally, due to parent’s carelessness most of the vulnerable children in the poorest section miss school. The NGO identifies these children, convinces the parents and enrol them in schools. For children who have missed formal schooling for years, the NGO also take gap schooling to improve their knowledge and skills. They also conduct awareness and counselling session through workshops to create the sense of importance to education in rural villages especially with focus on school girls.
Your donations can definitely help a young child become self-sustainable and thrive in his or her life. You can be rest assured that your money will be used for ensuring quality education to children. The NGO have well trained and qualified teachers who are kind in imparting the right skills to unprivileged children. Donate us today and make a child a doctor or engineer or IT professional.