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1O Facts About NGO For Orphan Children Everyone Should Know

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Don’t turn your back to those in need; India has reported the largest number of NGOs for orphan children The work of an NGO varies from healthcare, livelihood, poverty, and Education. The main purpose of the NGOs is to help poor and orphan children by providing them food, medical facilities, education helping them to build trust with our organization. Our initiative is to help every single child by providing them meals, clothes, and basic essentials required for living.
All NGOs share a common principle of humanity and all those people who are connected to this organization support this principle for the better the world. Donate food support for old age people in Noida as these are the basic essentials needed for living Development is not a gift it’s a hard work done by the NGOs for the betterment of the society. NGOs rely on a variety of funding sources like private donations, the sale of goods and services. The funding of the NGO is also dependent on their virtual size. Big and popular NGOs receive more funding in comparison to other small NGOs
NGOs are classified according to their categories also like Educational NGOs, Environmental NGOs, Old age NGOs, etc. We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone with motivation and urge of helping others give us the platform to donate and help poor. Donate medical support for old age people and poor children who really need this facility. Your little support will give them a chance to move forward towards success.
Charity sees the needs, not the cause. NGOs are basically non-government organization which really works hard for the welfare of the citizens and try harder to make better India by helping every single old age people, widows, orphan children or whose parents cannot take care of them. We provide education to the children and help them to achieve their goals in life. NGO plays a critical role in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizens’ participation. The NGOs help the victim of a human rights violation by providing them assistance and advice.



How NGOs Works?


NGOs stands for Non-Governmental Organization. NGO are basically nonprofitable service-oriented organizations they work for the welfare of the people by providing them food shelter medical facilities.
Ngo is basically depended on funds before that starting an NGO requires hard work, determination and genuine desire to support others running an NGO is like running a company but the difference between the two is here you have to keep transparency and work for the welfare of the society without expecting any profit.
There are different kinds of NGOs which work for the welfare of society like.
1. NGOs for old people.
2. NGO for children.
3. NGOs for medical help.
Let’s understand that NGO working isn’t easy. Your life will be full of challenges and problems and sometimes make you very depressed, hopeless, and helpless but in this situation also you should stay committed. Show your humanity towards those who are in need Donate Clothes Support For Orphanage Child.
We Seva Group Foundation works for the welfare of society. This Organization was started 20 years back with the motive to helps others to provide them food shelter medical facilities to those who cannot afford them. The service of this foundation is available in Noida, Delhi. Donate For Orphanage Ngo in Noida.


We work for the children’s welfare who cannot afford food and basic things in their life. It’s an initiative to help them to build their future and make their society proud. We help them in recognizing their ability and talents.


• We take responsibility.
• It’s our responsibility to take care of orphan children and old age people and make safe and healthy.
• Call to action
• We as Seva group Foundation always keep in mind it’s our first priority to helps children whenever they need us at any time.
• We believe in our self.
• Its an initiative started to help others and we believe that if we join hands to support others we will make a bright future for our nation. Nearest NGO for Orphanage in Ghaziabad find     us here at Seva Group Foundation .



Donation for Street Child Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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In India, the issue of street children is a common thing across the country. More so to do with North of India, due to the cultural differences and low economic status of people. Due to lack of education, guidance and support these children end up in doing crime. We as a common citizen would not want this to happen.

Generally, people find it difficult to help street children due to their busy life schedule. Well, there are various ways to donate for the betterment of street children and the best one is to join the journey of NGOs which work towards this direction. You can actively take part in Donation Support for Street Child in Noida to play your part in this noble cause.

Best Ways in Donation Support for Street Child in Noida & Ghaziabad

Supporting an NGO with a cause can certainly change the social status of poor children in the country. An NGO offers several options to donate and match the right beneficiary for what is being donated. Few simple donations which can transform the lives of children and communities are :-

  • Clothes support for street child in Ghaziabad
  • Money support to NGO to help them in providing better home care for children in Noida and Ghaziabad
  • Medical support for poor children who are at various stages of health-related issues
  • School support in terms of helping them get educated
  • Donate Food Support for Street Children Ghaziabad and so on

  • Donating to street children is not a hard way. Today, there are many reputed NGOs and organizations who can play a transparent role in supporting poor children. Here is why you should donate via NGOs -

  • Simple and effective – the money spent on each child is accountable and monitored.
  • Credibility – the right beneficiary is selected after a due diligence process.
  • Scale and Impact – Through the right organization, your donation whether it is money or item can reach to right people impacting many lives.
  • Tax exemption – Donation money can help in tax exemption; you can receive an e-receipt and claim for tax returns.

  • We earnestly request you to support the street children, we need to act now because every child deserves a better living and future. Your regular donation allows an NGO to implement impactful interventions which will bring about a considerable change in the street children's lives.



    5 Unexpected Ways NGO Can Make Your Life Better

    With busy daily routines, tight office schedules, and Covid around, it will be extremely difficult for you to extend service to the vulnerable people in your community. Understanding this, the Seva Group Foundation, the famous NGO in Noida, deploys innovative methodology and programs to bridge the gap between people who are ready to help and the needy. The NGO acts as a catalyst in bringing the happiest change in the lives of the vulnerable, unprivileged, and deprived community such as – orphan children, depressed youth, backward community, beggars, single women, and old parents.

    The NGO identifies the depressed, does a root cause analysis, and creates unique programs to guarantee the suffering community is aided.

    Here are five best ways the Top 10 NGO in Noida makes people life better:

    • Covid precautions and support – supply of required personal protective equipment, masks, hand wash, and sanitizers to the disadvantaged community including – labor community, lower caste people, and slums.

    • Raising awareness among women on the need for safe menstruation. The NGO educates the most backward communities of the country on the use of safe cloth and pads.

    • Raising voices and measures to end exploitation against children and specially girl children. The programs impact thousands of orphan children in getting them out from child abuse and giving them proper care and education.

    • Offering medical help and support for daily wage workers, vegetable vendors, frontline workers in urban & rural communities. This support besides healing the patient also touches the lives of family members who are dependent.

    • Impacting life of old people who are a victim of domestic violence and offering them better shelter to spend their old age and to live peacefully.

    Your support will be greatly respected. Join together now to make more life’s better.



    The Next Big Thing in NGO

    Collaboration for creating impact in the lives of old age, widow and children is the next big thing in NGO services. Getting the right partnership in terms of resources such as donation – both money and material and people skill will go a long way in building the needy lives. Famous NGO in Noida directly supports thousands of lives in creating thematic programmes in the areas of awareness, employability, empowerment, education and healthcare. These programmes are currently being run with collective effort and actions which has the potential to change the country. Every individual support and donation in partnership with NGO is critical at a country wide level in combating various socio-economic issues.

    Collective impact to create a difference in live.

    The critical part of the NGO is the action taken towards cooperative impact. The NGOs focus on bringing in resources and people from various sectors covering government, private party, and individual to foster social change which is impactful and sustainable. The partnership projects have a long-lasting deliverable that is aligned to a common goal of community development. The top NGO in Noida works on the following principles to deliver results –

  • Clear and Common Agenda: The aim of the partnership is well defined in the project. Each role of the partner is defined and accordingly, the work is distributed to create an impact among the community. A shared vision, mission, strategy and action are articulated.

  • Dedicated Team: No development project can create impact without a dedicated team. Hence, the NGOs focuses on putting the right size and quality team which creates a strong backbone in social projects.

  • Measuring for performance: All the partnership and programmes undertaken by NGO are tracked on progress and impact. This allows the NGO to check for efficiency and work on continuous improvement for the future.

  • Communicating the impact: this principle follows communicating the impact created to lives to all stakeholders. They focus on building trust and confidence among the donors by transparently communicating the efforts.

  • Do you want to partner with Top NGO to change lives? Then get yourself associated with NGOs and make a small donation and create a large difference. The NGO in Delhi NCR focuses on bringing sustainable change to humanity. So, you can also partner in the journey and be a catalyst for the change in the lives of underprivileged children and old age people.