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1O Facts About NGO For Orphan Children Everyone Should Know

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Don’t turn your back to those in need; India has reported the largest number of NGOs for orphan children The work of an NGO varies from healthcare, livelihood, poverty, and Education. The main purpose of the NGOs is to help poor and orphan children by providing them food, medical facilities, education helping them to build trust with our organization. Our initiative is to help every single child by providing them meals, clothes, and basic essentials required for living.
All NGOs share a common principle of humanity and all those people who are connected to this organization support this principle for the better the world. Donate food support for old age people in Noida as these are the basic essentials needed for living Development is not a gift it’s a hard work done by the NGOs for the betterment of the society. NGOs rely on a variety of funding sources like private donations, the sale of goods and services. The funding of the NGO is also dependent on their virtual size. Big and popular NGOs receive more funding in comparison to other small NGOs
NGOs are classified according to their categories also like Educational NGOs, Environmental NGOs, Old age NGOs, etc. We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone with motivation and urge of helping others give us the platform to donate and help poor. Donate medical support for old age people and poor children who really need this facility. Your little support will give them a chance to move forward towards success.
Charity sees the needs, not the cause. NGOs are basically non-government organization which really works hard for the welfare of the citizens and try harder to make better India by helping every single old age people, widows, orphan children or whose parents cannot take care of them. We provide education to the children and help them to achieve their goals in life. NGO plays a critical role in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizens’ participation. The NGOs help the victim of a human rights violation by providing them assistance and advice.



How NGOs Works?


NGOs stands for Non-Governmental Organization. NGO are basically nonprofitable service-oriented organizations they work for the welfare of the people by providing them food shelter medical facilities.
Ngo is basically depended on funds before that starting an NGO requires hard work, determination and genuine desire to support others running an NGO is like running a company but the difference between the two is here you have to keep transparency and work for the welfare of the society without expecting any profit.
There are different kinds of NGOs which work for the welfare of society like.
1. NGOs for old people.
2. NGO for children.
3. NGOs for medical help.
Let’s understand that NGO working isn’t easy. Your life will be full of challenges and problems and sometimes make you very depressed, hopeless, and helpless but in this situation also you should stay committed. Show your humanity towards those who are in need Donate Clothes Support For Orphanage Child.
We Seva Group Foundation works for the welfare of society. This Organization was started 20 years back with the motive to helps others to provide them food shelter medical facilities to those who cannot afford them. The service of this foundation is available in Noida, Delhi. Donate For Orphanage Ngo in Noida.


We work for the children’s welfare who cannot afford food and basic things in their life. It’s an initiative to help them to build their future and make their society proud. We help them in recognizing their ability and talents.


• We take responsibility.
• It’s our responsibility to take care of orphan children and old age people and make safe and healthy.
• Call to action
• We as Seva group Foundation always keep in mind it’s our first priority to helps children whenever they need us at any time.
• We believe in our self.
• Its an initiative started to help others and we believe that if we join hands to support others we will make a bright future for our nation. Nearest NGO for Orphanage in Ghaziabad find     us here at Seva Group Foundation .