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Ngo for food feeding–fulfilling the basic need


Today while most of us have good clothes to wear, a nice house to live and variety of choices in food. India on a yearly basis, waste close to 93,000 Crores worth of foods. There are people and especially small children who are unfortunate and don’t get their meal daily. This situation has worsened especially in north of India due to Covid. The NGO support these children with proper meals and early access to nutrition for children. Following measures are taken by the NGO for feeding food to poor children –
- Redistribution of Food – If you have excess food from a wedding or party, the NGO can take the food at your doorstep and distribute to the needy people and children.
- Preparation of food for children under care and support – with support and donation from people, the NGO on a daily basis prepare food and serve the children.
- Distinct campaigns can be undertaken for corporate and start-ups as a part of their CSR programme to feed the poor children.
- There are possibilities to donate online for destitute children in Greater Noida and with this donation exclusive government schools and orphanages can be covered with food supply programme.
- Donation to feed people can be done through one-time donation, a monthly one or an annual contribution. This fund permits us to seal any gaps in the current programme and increase our reach to many thousand children in Noida and other parts of the country.
Help them. The kids are waiting for you. Donate online for underprivileged children in Noida such that vulnerable children get their basic food to thrive which they deserve!